DNS Name Support

This feature allows for the integration and support of traditional DNS (Domain Name System) names into the platform. This means users will be able to manage and use conventional domain names within the blockchain-based system.

ccIP Resolver

The ccIP (Content and Identity over IP) resolver is a crucial component for looking up and mapping domain names to blockchain addresses. The resolver makes it easier to navigate and interact with domains and subdomains on the network.

ccIP Records Update

This refers to the capability to update or modify ccIP records associated with a domain name. It gives the domain owners the flexibility to change the blockchain address that their domain points to, among other settings.

ccIP Subdomain

This milestone includes support for creating and managing ccIP subdomains. Subdomains are subdivisions of the primary domain and can be used to organize and navigate different sections or services within the main domain.

Account Abstraction

Account abstraction simplifies the interaction between the user's wallet and the network. Instead of dealing with complex public-private key pairs, the user can interact with the network using a simple, human-readable name, significantly enhancing the user experience.

Fiat Payment

This is the integration of traditional fiat (currency issued by a government) payment methods into the system. This feature enables users who do not have cryptocurrency to also participate and perform transactions.

Tokengated Subdomains

Tokengated subdomains are an innovative feature where access to certain subdomains is restricted to holders of specific tokens. This could be used to create premium or exclusive sections of a domain only accessible to certain members of a community.

ccIP Gasless Import

Gasless import would allow users to import their ccIP records to the platform without incurring any 'gas' costs. 'Gas' in this context refers to the transaction fees in a blockchain network. Reducing these costs can make the platform more accessible and user-friendly.

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