About Protocol.ART

Welcome to Protocol.ART, the web3 ecosystem powered by .ART Domains.

Welcome to Protocol.ART, the web3 ecosystem powered by .ART Domains. In this documentation, we will introduce you to the key features and benefits of Protocol.ART, and explain how you can use it to streamline your digital identity on the web3 space.

At Protocol.ART, we believe that innovation is all about understanding that what seems confusing at first is often just a new version of what we already know. To that end, we are breaking down the walls between web2 and web3 with the help of our amazing partners. By using, registering, and trading .ART domains on Ethereum, you can take advantage of the full potential of the web3 ecosystem.

The rollout of Protocol.ART begins with the integration of Ethereum Name Service (ENS), which allows members of the .ART community to go beyond their standard DNS domain and streamline their digital identity to the web3 space. These one-of-a-kind domains can be minted as NFTs to hold or trade on the open market. With Protocol.ART, even existing .art web domains can be used on Ethereum.

The second phase of Protocol.ART will focus on the distribution of governance tokens to DNS and ENS .ART holders. The governance is centered around a voting-based system inspired by the DAO model.

An upcoming airdrop of the tokens will distribute the governance among 230,000+ .ART DNS and future ENS .ART owners. The distribution of the tokens will allow our diverse, creative, and artistic community to shape the future of the ecosystem.

In the following sections, we will provide detailed instructions on how to use Protocol.ART, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. Whether you're a seasoned web3 user or a newcomer to the space, we hope that this documentation will help you get the most out of Protocol.ART.

About .ART

.ART is the internet domain for the world’s art and creative community. Launched under an exclusive agreement between UK Creative Ideas Ltd and ICANN in 2016, .ART is one of the fastest-growing top-level domains for creatives, with more than 220,000 domains registered to date.

In 2019, .ART launched "Digital Twin” to securely archive art and cultural object metadata. .ART’s global team across London, Beijing, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. shares the mission to bring technology and art together, creating a digital infrastructure for the international creative community.

To learn more about .ART's assets, approaches, and products, visit art.art

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